How To: Sea Glass Jewelry

Updated: Aug 8

Sadly, trash is always a bad thing to have on the beach, but sometimes that trash can be turned into treasure...

Sea Glass is a beautiful teasure created by the ocean, but you can do more than just collect it. You can turn it into a unique piece of jewelry!

Here's a super easy tutorial on how to take a piece of sea glass and make a necklace with it!

good luck!

You'll need just a few tools but you can always improvise!

what you'll need:

-Flat Nose Pliers

-Round Noses Pliers

-Wire cutters

- Long chain of your preference

-Wire that is thick enough to suport your sea glass but still easy to shape

(I found this wire just laying around my house and it happened to work perfectly)

And of course...


Now you're ready to start!

First I chose my piece of glass (I thought this one was perfect because it was not too big or too small and had a unique shape)

Then I cut a piece of wire that was 6-7inches

(You can make it however long or short depending on your design and piece of glass, but its better to make it longer in case you mess up the first time)

Next you're going to want to make the loop where the chain will go through.

To do this, just use the round nose pliers to hold the wire about a 1/3 of its length from one end and pull the wire in opposite directions like this.

Note: Make sure the loop is big enough for the chain clasp to slip through easily.

Then, to make sure your loop will be secure just wrap the two parts of wire around itself to make this pretty spiral. You can do this with the flat nose pliers or just by hand if your wire is easy enough to twist with your fingers.

Next comes the fun part!

This is the design part and you can get super creative.

we're going to make a spiral by grabbing the end of either side of the wire. To get it going create a very small loop with the round nose pliers.

Then, grab the backside of that small loop that you just made with the flat nose pliers and bend the wire around itself and then move the pliers around to the newly bent piece(or outer loop) and continue doing this until you start to see this spiral occur. You can make the spiral as big or small as you want.

Once you've finished your loops on both ends then you can mold your wire around your sea glass.

pick a point that you want your sea glass to hang from and start bending your wire in a shape that will hold your sea glass secure(I bent the longer piece down the backside then flipped it).

After I flipped it over i bent the same piece of wire to the left, while making sure the wire began to stay on the sea glass without me having to hold it in place.

(this will vary from piece to piece because sea glass is all unique)

I flipped it over once more while trying to wrap the wire as close to the sea glass as i could.

the important thing is that your piece of glass is wrapped all the way around so your it doesn't fall out!

this is how the back turned out on mine (right)

in the front I took the shorter piece of wire and wrapped it closely to my sea glass just down the middle which worked best for mine.

Here is the front of mine(left)

Lastly add your chain.

Then you're done!

Heres how mine turned out:)

i hope you had fun with this tutorial.... there's more to come!

Stay Salty,

Oke Swim