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Who are the real victims?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

"For every one human killed by a shark, there are approximately 25 million sharks killed by humans."


".06 of the shark attacks in 2015 were fatal"

-Florida Museum Of Natural History

Image ©Oceana/David Stephens

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We have fueled this nightmare that whenever we are out in the water a shark is out to get us, but the truth is we are doing way more to harm them than they are to us. The ocean may seem so vast and almost unharmable, but we just aren't underwater to see the catastrophe.

Below are two trailers for the documentaries "Mission Blue" & "Cowspiracy" that are now on Netflix that shed lights on the issues that are directly affecting our planet and especially our ocean. I encourage you to watch and become aware of the direct harms that we cause and how we can help prevent & repair the damages.

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