Social Hour With Celebrity Connected.

Updated: Aug 11

February 25: Vendors and celebrities came together for a chance to meet, greet, and spread unique ideas. Whether it was food , body butter, or BIKINIS, Celebrity Connected brought together a great group of brands, in which Okeanos Swimwear was invited to be to be apart of. Oke had swimwear, mugs, and bags to gift away to our V.I.P. guests to spread our brand. Among the guests were actors, actresses, social media influencers, producers, singers, and many more in which you may recognize!

As always, the Oke team spread the love and awareness of ocean conservation to show people why we need to protect it. Through a raffle that shocked many, we had participants guess the amount of cigarette butts(collected by volunteers as part of a beach clean up we've hosted) that were in a jar. Guesses were high but our winners: Dolores Cantu, Dia Michelle, and Grace Valerie were most accurate! The final amount being:

401 cigarette butts

Oke wants to thank everyone who took the time to participate in our raffle and listen to our thoughts on our brand and the importance of taking care of our world ocean. Our team also wants to give the biggest thanks to Celebrity Connected for making it all come together.

As well as, Oke Swim invites you and your friends to our next beach cleanup happening on

Earth Day, April 22nd at Leadbetter Beach in Santa Barbara!

*Click Here for more info on our next Beach Cleanup*

All images © 2017 Randy Myers

Stay Salty!


Oke's owner/designer Josephine Briones and VP Chris Briones